Fru Björks öden och äventyr

The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Björk

by Jonas Gardell

Late on Sunday, in the first week of November, after having sat quietly all through the long dinner and all through the long TV evening, Mrs Björk decides to divorce her husband. Already next morning, when Mr Björk has gone to work, she composes a letter of farewell in her beautiful handwriting which she mastered with perfection in the Council Girls School. Then she packs her suitcase and leaves the house.

On the run in Italy, Mrs Björk gets the chance to examine her life. She grew up following the advice of the ABC of Charm from the teenage page of a women’s magazine: she has been friendly, well-groomed and had a positive attitude to her surroundings. Her first husband left her, after 18 years, for a younger woman and took everything from her. For her second husband she was little more than a replacement for the first Mrs Björk, who is now in the family grave waiting for Mr Björk to come and take his place.

On the run Mrs Björk knows that she has been cheated by life and she decides to return and demand what is due to her. She was promised everything, but was given nothing. It took her a long time to realize it. And now she is back, like Rambo, to take her revenge.

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