Om Gud

About God

by Jonas Gardell

Throughout the ages, people have always had a sense of the presence of something ”divine” in life, and in various ways they have tried to visualize the concept. The deity we call God developed from many different ideas and images of a divine power which various peoples and cultures in the Near East gave expression to over a period of several thousand years.

God has features and qualities taken from the cunning tribal gods of pastoral peoples, the avenging mountain god Jehova, the ancient Canaan king El, the dragon conquerors Baal and Marduk – he can reveal himself in storms and thunder and sometimes even appear in the form of a demon.

How can God be both loving and bloodthirsty? When does eternal life start? Where does the devil come in? And how many stories of the creation can we actually find in the Bible?

About God is a book for believers and for doubters too; it can be read by those who know their Bible, or by a seeker who has never even opened a Bible. In this book, Jonas Gardell looks for traces of God. Follow him in this overwhelming journey, in his search for God.

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