Om Jesus

About Jesus

by Jonas Gardell

Jonas Gardell’s earlier book entitled simple A Book about God was just as successful among theologians as it was among those who have never opened a bible. Jonas Gardell now continues his journey by embarking upon a quest for the son of God. About Jesus is a book for believers, doubters and for all of us who have wondered who Jesus was – for real.

“The Jesus of my childhood loved all children. His tunic was always pale blue, as were his eyes. His long hair and beard were half-blond and his skin was light and healthy, his smile mild and friendly, his teeth even and white.
In fact, Jesus was not even called Jesus. It is a Greek translation of his Hebrew name, which in its turn is a shortened form of Jehoshua or, as we would say:  Josua. Josua from Nazareth.
We know that a carpenter like Jesus earned much too little money to support such a big family as that which Jesus came from. Besides, Jesus spoke an Aramaic dialect from Galilee, which was considered rough and vulgar in Jerusalem. So what we have to bear in mind is an uneducated and poor Jesus who speaks with a rough dialect.
Or like this: most of the skeletons that have been found from the time Jesus lived, show a shortage of iron and protein, crania of  forty-year-old people often have few or no teeth left at all. Life was hard, and people died young. We like to see Jesus as a relatively young man, but when he started his activities at about 30 years of age, he was rather a person who had lived longer than most.
We like to think of Jesus with a mild, loving smile.
Now add a smile that was probably toothless, and we will probably be a bit more realistic. But can we imagine Jesus toothless? Can we imagine him uneducated? Very little of what we think of as Jesus Christ actually agrees with Josua from Nazareth. Exciting? This is just the beginning! Come along on a revolutionary trail of Jesus.”

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