Den sista dagen i december

The Last Day in December

by Mariette Glodeck

The Hen Night From Hell

A bride-to-be, a father-by-mistake, a snob from the suburbs, a film director, a drunkard, a lesbian wannabe, a reluctant pop-princess and a poo prince.

This is how one could describe Milla, Måns, Carl, Jens, Pepsi, Tove, Frida and Teddy. Eight long-time friends in their thirties, who don’t see each other as often as they perhaps would have liked to anymore.

Frida has spent the last year in the tour bus, hiding her real feelings behind her on-stage persona, just as she hides cheap romance novels behind the cover of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
Måns is cultivating his bachelor lifestyle, still working late nights behind a bar counter, until suddenly a girl he barely knows tells him she’s pregnant.
Teddy has taken over his father’s firm, emptying portaloos from sports events and festivals, and Tove is struggling with her medical studies, as well as with her sexuality.

But when they do see each other it usually feels like nothing has changed. To everyone’s surprise Milla is getting married and the gang meet up on a cruise for a joint hen/stag party. For Milla the party turns into her worst nightmare, she’s convinced her future sister-in-law is trying to demean her, and the others don’t seem to notice a thing.

Den sista dagen i december is a novel about relationships, friendships and other disasters. It’s a warm and entertaining novel about a group of people who are at a stage in life where the choices you make and the friends you have are more important than ever before.

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