En station från Paradiset

One Station from Paradise

by Mariette Glodeck

Pixie is a young man. At least his body says that is what he is. His clothes and make-up might say something else. As for sex, women are OK and so are men. He meets Cat who belongs to Wolf. Cat becomes Pixie’s path into a communal relationship governed by rules of dominance and submission. They call themselves a four-leafed clover: Wolf and Lynx, Pixie and Cat. They are bound to  Wolf through a contract of obedience. Corsets and masks, rubber and razor blades. Wounds, scars and bruises bear witness to their secret association. Their love game is about finding the most genuine and most fervent emotion; physical pain is a necessary quality.

Nevertheless, Pixie decides to make a clean break. He has earlier lost his family and has only his aunt left. When he loses his job, too, he wants to move on, test his wings. His flight takes him to Amsterdam where he meets the mysterious Vogel and his daughter Rafael. Yet again, a contract is signed, but this time without any demand as to violent or sexual content, although absolute obedience is required. Pixie’s task is to spend time with Rafael who is never allowed to leave the house, and is not informed about events out in the world. They spend the greater part of their time in the library in the black house beside the canal. But the months go by, and Pixie finds it all the harder to keep his promise. It can only end in disaster, and a necessary return. Pixie must go back, see again the four-leaved clover that he fled from, and confront his own past.
Mariette Glodeck’s new novel is a modern saga. It is violent as well as tender, exciting and provocative. And often unexpectedly beautiful.

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