Röda Vita Rosen

- Till Pest från Kolera. Med kärlek.

The Red White Rose

by Mariette Glodeck

Tove gathers her old friends together in her summer cottage on an island in the archipelago of Stockholm. All the ingredients for a really idyllic Swedish summer weekend. But it turns into a case of a reunion from hell. Mariette Glodeck’s first novel is about a group who used to go around together but who now seem to growing away from each other – or who might become friends for life. They are a collection of highly different personalities who haven’t seen each other for a long time. During the night, after plenty of alcohol and some newly rolled joints, a childish game gets out of hand and becomes more serious than was intended. Uncomfortable truths are revealed and new constellations are formed. Those who are wrapped up in themselves, are seen to be vulnerable; those who are good, dare to help themselves; the shy ones just clench their teeth. Mariette Glodeck has written a psychologically astute, modern and clever novel about a gang of fairly typical young people today.

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