Svenska hackare

- En berättelse från nätets skuggsida

Swedish Hackers

by Linus Larsson, Daniel Goldberg

This is a book about people, not about machines. A story about the motley crew of people who are lumped together under the name ‘hackers’, and a look into one of the most mythical sub-cultures of our time.

In this book you will meet several of them. Sixteen-year-old Philip from Uppsala, who fooled both the FBI and the most important IT-experts in the American universities for several years while a world-wide IT-security affair was unraveled around him. Vuxna Förbannade  hackare – Adult Angry Hackers – the mysterious hacker group who led a wave of comprehensive attacks against Swedish companies and web sites during the winter of 2007 and spring of 2008. The Swedish net activists who played a role in everything from file-sharing debates to votes in the European Parliament and the ‘Green
revolution’ in Iran.

The book is an attempt at putting these stories in a larger context, at letting you get a look inside a world that can best be described as the digital underground. They are true stories, taken from a contemporary Sweden where the established power finds it all the harder to retain control of technology and information. On the way, we get to meet the people behind many of the most spectacular cases of unauthorized access to computer systems in our days.

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