Välkommen ut på andra sidan

Welcome to the other side

by AnnaMaria Jansson

”Malin threw an extra cardigan in the bag and put on the leather jacket and the black heeled boots. If she were to go out partying tonight she would have to change shoes. Boots would be far too boring, but she had a black pair of “emergency pumps” in the locker at work, those would make do. She fixed her hair quickly one last time in front of the hall mirror, and then she took her keys and put the iPhone and lipgloss in the bag. April 14, what a bloody shit date.”

This story takes place in two big cities, Stockholm and Göteborg. Malin, Lovisa and Sandra are all soon in their thirties, and they are all experiencing their own personal little hells. Malin is single and works at a restaurant. It is not always easy, but the co-workers are great. One night, after an enjoyable evening out with one of her colleagues, something happens to her that only ever happens to others, when someone she thought was a friend shows his real face.

Lovisa is living a dream life. She has the perfect job, the most beautiful apartment and the greatest boyfriend in the world, Viktor. They are “Viktor-and-Lovisa”, and it is as it should be. But then one day everything falls to pieces, a friend has seen Viktor holding another girl, and their perfect happiness is no more.

Sandra feels stuck, in more than one way, in life and in her stagnant relationship with Fredrik. Then someone notices the work she does and she is offered a promotion, and Sandra realises that there might be more for her to grasp out there, if only she dares to make the move.

Välkommen ut på andra sidan is a novel about three women getting through crises, which are both personal and common. It is story with dark undertones and a strong message of female empowerment, and even happiness. It is a novel perfect for a young female readership, about the good and the bad in life, a book to take you by the hand and wish you welcome to the other side.

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