Rapport från Sopornas planet

- Kritiska essäer

Report from the Planet of Garbage

- Critical essays

by Stefan Jonsson

This is a collection of some of Stefan Jonsson’s most important longer essays from recent years.

The twelve essays concern controversial subjects in the borderland between politics and aesthetics: the struggle for our cultural heritage, the attempts to re-establish the idea of Europe, the return of Marxism, the debate about the place of the documentary in art, film and literature, the effects of globalisation on culture, the spread of racism, the Scandinavian mentality, and more.

The collection includes: Report from the Planet of Garbage – the sub-societies on the garbage tips of Mexico City; Two attempts at Europe – European utopias, among them the idea of partly draining the Mediterranean and making the Sahara flower; Are you a Marxist? – Jonsson maintains that the theses of Marxism are more relevant than ever in this era of globalisation; The heart of the Nordic countries – a discussion of who we Scandinavians really are ...

As is his custom, Stefan Jonsson starts out from particular images, writers and events, in which the major historic movements are reflected and condensed. Half of the essays have been previously published in Swedish, but have been adapted for this collection. The other half are presented here in Swedish for the first time. Together, they provide a broad picture of Stefan Jonsson’s activities as a critic, debater and thinker, always with the same care of the art of the word and the form of the essay. The book concludes with a self-interview where two sides of the author speak openly.

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