Tre revolutioner

- En kort historia om folket - 1789, 1889, 1989

Three revolutions

- A Short History of the People

by Stefan Jonsson

Stefan Jonsson describes three moments when the broad mass of the people pushed their way onto the stage of history: in revolutionary Paris in 1789; in the proletarian Messianism’s Brussels in 1889; when the Berlin wall fell in 1989. Three revolutions which have something to say in today’s discussions about the future of democracy in a Europe that is putting up walls against the surrounding world.

Stefan Jonsson’s three previous books of essays – much praised by the critics – about cultural wars and our ways of looking at the world, are now being re-issued in a revised low-price edition in one volume, Världen i vitögat.

"An ambitious, authorative new reading of The Man Without Qualities, which establishes forcefully the relevance of the fascination of the incomparable Austrian writer. A Robert Musil for the twenty–first century? Yes. And Jonsson’s book is as suggestive about the summative powers of Musil the novelist as about that still incompletely charted cultural labyrinth called ’modernity’ in which we continue to wander.", Susan Sontag about Jonsson’s Subject without nation : Robert Musil and the history of modern identity, Duke University Press, 2000

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