Augustenbad en sommar

Augustenbad, one Summer

by Anneli Jordahl

June early 1890s, poet Andreas Öman arrives in the small provincial spa town of Augustenbad. It soon becomes evident that he has not journeyed here out of his own free will, rather he is obeying orders from his wealthy wife and her family.

Reluctantly, Andreas steps into the consulting room of the renowned Dr Arvid Liljedahl. Andreas is given information about ‘the chronic toxic illness’ that is poisoning his brain and should therefor be treated with daily baths in water at 6 degree Celsius and by following doctor’s ninety-nine rules down to the last detail.

Andreas is not impressed and he continuously tries to avoid or break the doctor’s advice and rules. Trying to handle the effects of his abstinence, he takes long nightly walks and encounters sleepless Amanda Eggerts, the severely syphilis-strucken wife of a Justice Counsellor, who keeps herself out at nights and out of sight. Andreas is captivated by her beauty and is attracted to her despite her face being covered with nasty boils.
Andreas also gets to know a young girl with bright eyes who irons the first-class-residents’ attire. In a drunken haze during the traditional Midsummer Festivities, he seduces her with tragic results.

In Augustenbad en sommar / Augustenbad, one Summer people from different social classes meet – in an age marked by syphilis, morphine addiction and large class dividends.

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