Det jag redan minns

What I Already Remember

by Mats Kempe

Everything is very familiar and yet nothing is normal in Mats Kempe’s new short stories.

A literary agent shows up in a school yard and offers some teens participation in a series of novels about vampires, a victim of bullying is brooding on his revenge when he discovers that the teachers keep miniature clones of the students in glass jars in the basement of the school, some young people are infected by a mysterious illness and slowly turn into birds.

In The Animated town, where all seventeen texts unfold, fiction takes hold of the lives of people and puts them in difficult situations, but they try to defend themselves and strike back, get away from the one holding the pen, the author of the stories.

With elements of fantasy and science fiction mixed with painfully recognizable scenes and environments Mats Kempe, who has been praised as a short story master, depicts the feeling of being unable to control your life – that someone else is writing your story.

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