I ett fönster nära solen

In a Window Close to the Sun

by Mats Kempe

A summer’s day: it is warm, the air is still, it is just like all the other days that Hans has spent in the country with his grandparents. But, nevertheless, nothing is really the same as it was before.

Hans has crossed that sharp boundary between childhood and puberty, the territory is unknown and he now sees his surroundings in a painful, abrasive light. And this is Grandpa’s last summer. He has been ill, and granny and Hans watch over him, but discreetly.

Every scene in this short novel, written in a lyrical prose, is crammed with intimate psychological observations, which give the story a vibrant sense of presence.

Mats Kempe, born 1966, lives in Stockholm. He made his literary debut in 1996 with a collection of short stories entitled I Can Never Remember My Dreams (Jag minns aldrig mina drömmar). This was followed by Turn to Face the Lovers (Vänd dig mot de älskande) in 1998, and another book of short stories in 2001, Rarely Miss You As Much As Now (Saknar dig sällan så mycket som nu).

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