Kom ska vi tycka om varandra

You’re Mine Now

by Hans Koppel

International critics raved about Koppel’s crime debut Kommer aldrig mer igen. Now he’s back with another terrifying thriller that gets under your skin!

Anna is living happily with her husband and daughter outside the southern city of Helsingborg. She and two of her female colleagues – the power troika of the Family Journal – are on a weekend conference to lay the plans for the coming year. After dinner, Anna is courted by an attractive young man working at a local ad agency. Unlike her two colleagues, Anna has never been unfaithful, not even thought about it, but Eric is 15 years younger, athletic and intensive and she simply falls for his charms. It is the best sex Anna has ever had, but a mistake, and she is immediately regretful.

She goes to Erik’s place to end their affair before it goes any further, but ends up in bed with him instead. Anna tries to break up with Erik without hurting his feelings, but he reacts with jealousy and anger. Erik doesn’t care that she has a husband and a daughter that she loves, and soon the conversation is alarming Anna. He will do anything to be with her, and soon the lives of her loved ones are in danger.

Calle Collin – the journalist we met in Kommer aldrig mer igen/Never Coming Back – plays a brief part in this story too. The location in southern Sweden also connects this novel with the first in the series but what ties them together even more, is the theme – Hans Koppel is back with a new thrilling novel about actions and consequences.

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