Kommer aldrig mer igen

Never Coming Back

by Hans Koppel

A woman is held imprisoned just a stone’s throw from her own home and she knows why: her past has caught up with her. The revenge that strikes her is cruel, drawn out and meticulously served.

Mike Zetterberg, his wife Ylva and their daughter Sanna  live in a house in Helsingborg in Southern Sweden. One Friday evening, Ylva doesn’t come home after work as expected. Mike passes it off as a drink with a colleague, but when she’s still missing the next day, he starts to worry. As Mike battles suspicion from the police and his own despair, he is unaware that Ylva is still alive, just a stone’s
throw from their own home. On a TV screen in the cellar where Ylva is kept, she can see what happens outside her own home. She can catch glimpses of Mike and Sanna, how their everyday life goes on in her absence but Ylva’s abductors make it clear that she will never speak to them again. Through degrading treatment and rape she is going to be taught, just like a girl Ylva knew many years ago, that her life is not worth living. And just like her, Ylva’s only way out of this hell is to take her own life...

In Kommer aldrig mer igen/Never Coming Back Hans Koppel paints, in his characteristically sharp prose, a claustrophobic nightmare where evil deeds – even those seemingly buried in the dust of time – never go unpunished.

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