De korrupta

The Corrupt

by Robert Kviby

”They were all prostitutes. All under thirty. Found in wooded areas and parks. Naked. They had been killed elsewhere and dumped where their bodies were discovered. She was convinced it was systematic. All four of them had met the same man, and it had led to their deaths. ”

Friday night, January 1989, criminal reporter Annie Lander is the last one left in the editorial office as usual. For some time she has been working on a story about four murdered prostitutes, convinced that there is a pattern between them. The talk of the town is that a private club hosts parties filled with prostitutes and that there might be connections to the murders. Then she is ordered by the newspaper to seize with her investigations.

Annie continues on her own and is starting to get close, both to the real story about the women, as well as to the truth about her own life and the unsolved murder of her mother. And then suddenly she is gone. Annie’s husband Max soon realizes that the police won’t exert themselves to find her, that it is all up to him. He follows her investigation to a country manor owned by a powerful corporate magnate, close to where her mother had been found dead thirty years earlier.But nothing has prepared him for what he will find.

De korrupta is a thrilling read from the first page to the last. This impressive debut novel introduces Annie and Max Lander, and their crusade against the corrupt.

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