Den första lögnen

The First Lie

by Sara Larsson

It is the summer of 1997, in Visby on Gotland. 16-year-old Josefin wakes in great pain all over, she’s naked and confused. Last night, she and her best friend Camilla had gone to party with three older guys from school. She had flirted, they had had fun, but then the images turn dim.

Thailand 2010. Oskar, a successful athlete, is vacationing with his wife and two children. On the surface idyllic, but Oskar is more interested in bars and nightlife than in his family.

After one particularly wet evening, Oskar wakes up in a dirty shed, disoriented and in need of a doctor. He had left with a woman from the bar for a ‘little fun’, but their sexual encounter had gotten out of hand and then someone had assaulted him. The next day, when he cannot find his passport, he realizes that he has to find the woman.

At the same time in Stockholm, Jonas receives an email containing a photo of a naked young woman. For the last thirteen years he has done all he could to forget that night in Visby, but this photo could ruin his life. Reluctantly, but out of necessity, he contacts his two former friends. Again they have to stick together in order to save themselves. Their first lie necessitates many new ones in order to conceal their secrets.

Sara Larsson debuts with Den första lögnen, a suspenseful novel revolving around an ever-current and uncomfortable topic. It concerns our views on sexuality, the word ‘no’ and the lack of legal protection for women. It concerns our morals and sense of justice, our expectations and prejudices, as well as our perception of crime and punishment.

The film option to Den första lögnen has been sold to producer Fundament Film. At the helm of the project we find renowned Swedish director Kjell Sundvall, and Charlotte Lesche is to write the screenplay. Filming of the intended TV Mini-series will commence 2017.

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