The Agency

The Agency

by Sisela Lindblom

A heat wave is striking Europe. Semolina Pritchard, the head of The Agency in London, flies to Paris to chase a casting commission. Her usually reliable secretary Lindsay Lawrence embarks upon a forbidden romance with one of the agency’s clients – and she too goes to Paris…

On one of the most fashionable addresses in London, extremely flamboyant Semolina Pritchard runs The Agency, representing some of Britain’s most beloved and up-coming actors. Lindsay Lawrence, a competent personal secretary with a diploma from the Business School, works here, as does the more frivolous assistant
Myrah Jones.

The novel takes place during five hot summer days and develops into a dark comedy of complications. Semolina dashes off to Paris in hope of convincing the successful young American director Sofie Sjapparov that The Agency should be entrusted with the task of casting her upcoming project: a major feature film about Marie-Antoinette and the French Revolution.

Meanwhile, one of the agency’s clients, actor Lloyd Khan, takes a fancy to Lindsay and tempts her to come with him to Paris. Lindsay is usually not the spontaneous kind, but this time she can’t resist the flirtatious attention the handsome Lloyd suddenly showers her with.

Longing for an adventure of her own, Myrah too, decides to take the train across to Paris. The capital of France will for a few days serve as venue for this comical drama – an entertaining, romantic and sharply observant description of our protagonists.

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