Norrut åker man för att dö

You Travel North to Die

by Ida Linde

The story is set in Västerbotten in northern Sweden. Sara and Benjamin have just met and are now traveling around in an old Volvo. At a gas station they shoot the cashier. The boy becomes the first victim of their murdering rampage.

Lávra cleans and Karim works in the kitchen at Hotel Skellet when the police appear, chasing the murderer. They know who they’re looking for. Andreas must leave his beloved Slavoj and travel home to bury his little brother. 

Norrut åker man för att dö might be a novel about a crime, but not the one you first think of. It might be a novel about Västerbotten and about what we inherit and how this influences us. It might also be a translation of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska. Then again, Ida Linde’s new novel might simply be a place for terror and fear to reign freely. 

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