Mig äger ingen

- Nobody Owns Me

by Åsa Linderborg

“Dad used to say that our window was like Christmas eve on an Advent calendar. He fantasised that people would walk by the building, look up at our apartment and think that a neat and tidy woman must live there. “I’d like to see their faces when they find out that there aren’t any women here, but only metal worker Leif Anderson.”

Mig  Äger  Ingen  /Nobody  Owns  Me  by  Åsa  Linderborg  is about growing up with a single father who worked at the metal  works  in  Västerås,  Sweden.  Social  class,  masculine identity,  alienation,  the  tyranny  of  alcohol  and  the  vulnerability of childhood are the themes that tie the narrative together. The dream of another life clashes with the fear of being different from everyone else. Humour becomes a survival strategy for a colourful working class family during the heyday and decline of the Swedish welfare state.

- Nominated to the August Award in 2007
- The Björn Nilsson prize 2007
- The ABFs Literaturprize 2007
- The Lunde Q prize 2007
- The Ivar Lo prize 2008

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