Döden ett bekymmer

- en from detektivhistoria

Death – a Worry

by Torgny Lindgren, Eric Åkerlund

The basic outline: The young leader of the somewhat ecstatic congregation Sykar’s Temple, pastor Jonny Sandberg, receives the verdict when he is only 49 years old: “Three tests. And all three have given the same result. If only you had come earlier. Now it’s too late.” A difficult but natural death, everyone thinks, particularly the Elders in charge of the congregation. But the congregation’s zealous and self-sacrificing auditor, Rolf Lundman, does not believe them. He starts looking for another explanation. And on a deeper level: Is there such a thing as a natural death? The sacramental wine that you pour yourself at home, isn’t that the very last sacrament? Apart from being practical. Or as somebody puts it: “Do you think there will be any forgiveness for me?”

In a cheerful mood and with the help of theologically-inspired methods of investigation, Torgny Lindgren and Eric Åkerlund spin their devout story.

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