Till sanningens lov

- rammakaren Theodor Marklunds egen redogörelse

In Praise of Truth

by Torgny Lindgren

Till sanningens lov/In Praise of Truth is about fraud, forgery and lies. The centre stage of the story is taken up by a singer who has, between the twelfth and fifteenth year of her life, become the darling of TV audiences and who returns after a number of years as a fully developed pop star. Paula feels like a substitute for herself. She resembles herself as a decoy duck resembles the real thing. She looks convincing but in her heart she is quite different to what her fans and the media have – on the surface – turned her into. Paula has a childhood friend, a maker of picture frames, who hates the world in which Paula has become ensnared and has got it into his head to liberate her from it – a process which is horrific and comic at the same time.

Torgny Lindgren’s Till sanningens lov/In Praise of Truth is a significant work of literature. One would have to go back to August Strindberg’s The Red Room to find a novel which so mercilessly sends up its epoch with its confidence tricksters, substitutes and vices.

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