Medvetandets gåta

The Curiosity of the Mind

by Jonathan Lindström

The questions about how the brain works, what the soul and our consciousness really are, and what might happen after we die, have occupied humanity throughout the ages. Despite efforts from our scientists and priests, they remain some of the very greatest and most intriguing mysteries in our enormous star-studded universe.

Via a box of crushed strawberries, a visit to the monkey house and a moment’s rest on a rock by the ocean, science writer Jonathan Lindström brings us on a breathtaking science adventure in Medvetandets gåta. He discusses worm brains and chimpanzee rituals, tells us about the burials of Ice age hunters and how the bishops of the Middle Ages imagined the soul. He immerses himself in modern brain research and the ultimate conundrums of cosmology, explains and shows us that what are considered the most difficult topics in science, are actually understandable to anyone who is willing to give it some time.

Lindström explores the questions about near-death experiences, rebirth, whether earth worms have feelings, how nerve can signals produce the colour red and the feeling of love, the endlessness of the universe and what happens after death.

We join the author as he visits laboratories, reads and discusses with researchers, and performs amazing experiments that you too can try at home. He explains neurophysiological, religious and philosophical mysteries in writing and pictures, and he reasons and argues in search for truth. Feel what lampreys and early mammals felt, look into theshake up your view of everyday reality and
the life that you take for granted. cubbyholes of the brain in search of our wonderful souls and peek beyond the gruesome death!

Read Medvetandets gåta and you might glimpse the answer to the greatest questions in the universe: What is the soul, what is our ability to experience, and what is death? This book will turn your preconceived notion about what reality is upside down, and shake up your view of everyday reality and
the life that you take for granted. 

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