The Sisters of Blood

by Michael Mortimer

In 1697, the grand royal castle Tre Kronor in Stockholm burns to the ground, destroying most of the national library and the royal archives. One precious book is salvaged: a rare and cryptic manuscript, which is later buried on a southern Swedish island to be hidden from the world.

Two catastrophic accidents occur in Stockholm: a regional train derails off a bridge, and a few days later a passenger plane crashes in a heavily populated area. Hundreds of people are killed. A local watchmaker finds a strange connection between the two accidents and two very exclusive turnip watches, one of which he has in his shop for repair. There is a strange force field between the two watches that breaks if one of the watches stops. And if they stop, catastrophes follow.

Three months after their flight from Italy, our three heroes, Alma, Lasse and Ida, have settled down close to Alhambra in the south of Spain. Together with Miranda – their former foe – they have created a temporary laboratory to research the Queen Fossil. But their main mission is to find Eva, Ida's mother.

The news reports of the fatal accidents in Stockholm travel far, and Alma believes that they must be linked to the Queen Fossil and the Solve and Coagula substances. Incognito they travel back to Sweden to find the watchmaker. Soon an even more serious catastrophe threatens an underwater tunnel in Gothenburg.

In Blodssystrarna, the third instalment of the Michael Mortimer series, we again follow the adventures of young student Ida, her genious grandmother Alma, and Ida's foster father Lasse. With the help of Miranda and the Voynich manuscript, they take on the quest to find the Fountain of Youth.

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