The Maidenstone

by Michael Mortimer

In 1769, Carl Linneaus' disciple Daniel Solander makes a remarkable discovery during his voyage around the world with Captain Cook. In New Zealand, Solander finds a stone with extraordinary properties that challenges his masters view of nature, and therefore needs to remain secret. The stone breaks into four pieces, and during the course of history the pieces end up in the hands of, among others, Niels Bohr, Greta Garbo and Joseph Stalin.

More than 200 years later, student Ida Nordlund receives a strange phone call from her grandmother Alma in Moscow. Alma asks Ida to look after a box, which she will receive at the banquet for the Nobel Prize. But something goes wrong and the courier, the Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, dies under spectacular circumstances. Soon Ida is sought not only by the police, but also by a secret network of scientists who are willing to do anything to obtain the box and its content.

Ida makes an abrupt escape from Stockholm and seeks help from her foster father Lasse. Together they are chased in a thriller-like tempo through northern Sweden and Finland, and into Russia, in order to find Ida’s grandmother Alma, who is carrying a dark secret.
What kind of stone did Solander find? What did Linneaus hide inside the freshwater pearl mussels in northern Finland? And why was Ida deserted by her mother Eva, who disappeared so many years ago?

Prepare for an adventure out of the ordinary. Don't miss the teaser film!

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