Missed abortion

Missed abortion

by Kerstin Norborg

Kerstin Norberg’s new book is a collection of short stories that reinforces her position as a prose writer. Missed abortion is the term for when a foetus that has died inside the womb is not aborted, as in a miscarriage. In the title story, a pregnant woman is told that what she had just recently felt so alive inside her, was now no longer living. She was now carrying something dead. Kerstin Norberg’s stories are about being able to feel love and intimacy, but also about not daring to. About places, about country cottages, about human relations that bear with them enormous expectations. And about the fear of not being able to live up to them. She writes in a direct and easily flowing prose; she writes about powerful existential issues which move the reader deeply.

Kerstin Norberg made her debut as a novelist with Min faders hus (My Fathers House) in 2001, which gained the Swedish Radio listeners’ prize and was also nominated for the August award.

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