Det är alldeles för få som ger upp

Far Too Few Give Up

by Stefan Norrthon

These days Jocke gets mostly insignificant supporting roles at the theater, the kind of roles that are cut in other productions. But he is as committed as ever and takes every little line seriously. He persuades himself that his work is in fact the very core of the theater.

Nevertheless it seems that Jocke’s talk with the theater manager about extended employment is constantly postponed. His girlfriend Madde is always talking about children but he tries not to think about that. And when she starts working with author diva and womanizer Dan Stadell, who brings in the money to her parents’ fancy publishing house, Jocke’s has his mind on something else.

Minutes before a performance Jocke collapses, but still he continues to pretend that everything is ok.

It doesn’t work that well.

Det är alldeles för få som ger upp

is an entertaining and at times absurd novel about high ideals and self-deception.

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