Doften av en man

The Scent of a Man

by Agneta Pleijel

“To write is to remember. To remember is also to love.”

In an apartment without modern conveniences in Gothenburg, mid-1960s,
a young woman is studying literature and anthropology, devouring and relishing the significance of the written word. She is plucky, frail and alone. She looks for confirmation in the men who come and go, and they are like charms, totems upon which she pins her story. In the center, ever looming: her father. She is trying, childishly, to rescue her parents by compelling them to finalize their divorce. But the daughter, who always sided with her adored dad, finds that there is no place left for her in his new life. That he, the witty and charming professor, doesn't see her – her intelligence, her accomplishments – as she needs him to. As she needs all the men to do; like an equal. And it is so easy to get lost, to doubt oneself, in all that remains unspoken.

The Scent of a Man is a poignant, beautiful and sharp novel about a young woman who wants to be in control of her life and who longs to become a writer. A craft she will come to master. Agneta Pleijel investigates her own past, her triumphs and defeats, without any reservation, and the memories are brilliantly captured and formed into her.

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