Drottningens chirurg

The Queen's Surgeon

by Agneta Pleijel

One night in the middle of the 1700s, Doctor Schützer wanders home through a wintry Stockholm. He is happy. He has amputated shot-off limbs, and delivered babies at court, but nothing compares to his night’s greatest achievement. He is looking forward to telling his young wife about it.

Drottningens chirurg/The Queen's Surgeon is a novel about a man who was both ahead of and behind the times, about a new and uncertain friendship, about male vanity, desperate love, royal disfavour, and most of all, about that riddle the doctor calls woman. This is the first part of a family history that draws on aspects of her own history – in which Agneta Pleijel talks about power, gender and insatiable ambition.

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