- Matematiker, vapenmakare, stjärnskådare


- Mathematician, Armorer, Stargazer

by Roland Poirier Martinsson

To posterity Archimedes is best known for having run naked through the streets shouting ”Eureka” after having discovered his principle of buoyancy. But who was he really; the world’s first technological genius? Archimedes was born in Syracuse, on the island of Sicily, in 287 BC, and died 212 BC. Legend has it that he was killed by a Roman soldier as he stood on the beach drawing geometric figures in the sand. Before he died he spoke the immortal words, ”Don’t disturb my circles."

Roland Poirier Martinsson offers a vivid and stirring account of Archimedes’ time, the city and the culture of Syracuse, and his youth in Alexandria. It is an informative and entertaining biography of history’s first and perhaps greatest genius.

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