Sånt är livet

- Om vetenskapens sökande efter livets början

That's Life

by Roland Poirier Martinsson

How did it come about that life arose on Earth almost four billion years ago? Did it happen as a result of a divine exhalation, or was it the result of complex events on a physical level? Science has still not been able to solve this mystery. Even the very latest research finds it hard to decide between chance and a creator as an explanation.

In Sånt är livet, philosopher Roland Poirier Martinsson looks at the phenomenon of life from various perspectives in order to understand the latest research results in the field. Can we clone each other? Are amoebas and human beings actually similar when you get down to basics? Roland Poirier Martinsson gives us a popular scientific presentation of the history of life, and he does so in a wise and clever way, in this entertaining as well subtle book.

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