Trip Reports

by Tone Schunnesson

“I am whole. I am a perfect machine. God has touched me and seen my misery and told me to live the way I do because I am his perfect daughter.
I move through life with my loneliness and my abandonment and I am proud and great, invincible, nothing in life can be wrong because I am perfect. I am so beautiful, I am so beautiful. I am alone. I am ugly, I am disgusting.”

She is living on the edge all the time, using others and letting herself be used. She’s constantly trying to get away from people that she owes and guards herself from the sentiments of her memories by never stopping drinking.

Although sometimes she does sober up and then the thought occurs: Could there yet be someone that could save her, among the few people she loves or has loved? Can one be saved if one doesn’t fully want to be?

Tone Schunnesson’s debut novel is an uncompromising and poetic journey exploring a young woman’s mental state.

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