Älskade terrorist

- 16 år med militanta islamister

The Terrorist’s Wife

- My 16 Years with Militant Islamists

by Anna Sundberg, Jesper Huor

“The night was long, the children fell asleep, but I couldn't. The merciless lights from the fluorescent tubes, the heat and the hard concrete floors made it impossible. I thought of Said. Of his slim body. Of days, weeks and month and years of interrogations and torture. Of that it might come a day when the mujahidin will storm the prisons and open the cells and cast down the tyrant Bashar al-Assad.”

Älskade terrorist is the true story about a young Swedish woman from a well-off middle-class background, who joins the international jihadist movement and remains with it for 16 years. We follow her story from 1994 until today; from secluded Salafist groups in Sweden, to a flat central Berlin, to secret training camps of the mujahidin in Chechnya, and to cells in Bashar al-Assad's labyrinthine prison systems. By her side is her husband, a man the US later declared a global terrorist.

Anna Sundberg's witness is unique, also internationally speaking. Few men – and almost no women – have dared or been able to tell about the everyday life from within the jihadist movement. And the account she gives us, with the aid from proficient author Jesper Huor, is both intriguing and horrifying. This is the story of her way into and out from extremism, and its importance as a testament to all of us cannot be overestimated.

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