Allt det där jag sa till dig var sant

All Those Things I Said to You Were True

by Amanda Svensson

She arrives at the writer’s school, somewhere in the countryside in Skåne, with an ambition to learn how love tastes.

She seems to be succeeding when she meets another student at the school who stubbornly calls her Lilja Brik. Together, he says, they will travel back and forth across continents, through time and space, like Mayakovsky and Brik. Their love will be bigger than everything. Instead their relationship becomes hesitant, strange and destructive. Then Anne Bonny enters the stage, with eyes like emeralds and a wild heart she is a Pirate Queen and the most unique figure at the school.

Allt det där jag sa till dig var sant is a story about stories, about how they divide and heal and about a young woman and her struggle to find her own identity, and about how easy it is to lose yourself and let others hurt you.

Amanda Svensson wrote the acclaimed Hey Dolly in 2008 and was short listed for the August Prize with her second novel Välkommen till den här världen in 2011. With Allt det där jag sa till dig var sant she completes her trilogy about three young women and their defiant attitude to the outside world and their own identity.

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