Välkommen till den här världen:

Welcome to this World:

by Amanda Svensson

Amanda Svensson is back after her much-praised debut Hey Dolly, this time with a triangle drama set in Malmoe and Copenhagen.

Välkommen till den här världen: / Welcome to this World: takes place in a limited area where three people move as a triangle among several thousand others. Greta works in a hip wok house, but dreams of becoming a DJ. Within her self she carries a fascination for the experience of her own body: her slimness, her long hair, her nail biting. She lives in a communal household with two selfcentred,
pretentious boys using her as a muse. All the more desperate, she needs a change in her life.

Then one day she meets Simon who is the best triangle drawer in Copenhagen. He is not like anyone she has ever met before. With Simon follows Claus. It soon becomes clear that this is not a golden triangle, but one that inevitably must break. One of them must go – the question is who?

Amanda Svensson’s longed-for novel, following her debut Hey Dolly, is a story of three people who all feel increasingly lost in their social context. Three people all in need to be understood.

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