Björn Borg och Wimbledon

Björn Borg and Wimbledon

by Sune Sylvén

“The duels were of surprisingly high class, few misses, mainly winning shots, considering they were playing in a constant crisis situation. It seemed to be just as difficult to have an advantage in one’s favour as against one. The public almost got lost, but at times were wild with delight. Hysteria has never been closer to the Centre Court at Wimbledon.”

The tiebreak in the classic final between John McEnroe and Björn Borg in 1980 counts as one of the greatest sporting moments ever. And like so many times before, Björn Borg weathered the storm and won his fifth Wimbledon title in a row. Sune Sylvén, who followed Björn Borg during these golden years, has written a compact book about all his matches at Wimbledon. The tennis legend himself has helped the author with comments and views.

This is sports history, nostalgia, and – not least – as exciting to read as it was to follow the matches when they were played.

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