Lusten och dämonerna

- Boken om Bergman

The Lust and the Deamons

- A book about Ingmar Bergman

by Mikael Timm

The 30th of July 2007 one of the greatest artists in cinema and theatre passed away. He was 89 years old. Ingmar Bergman left no one indifferent, was it someone from the public or a colleague. Mikael Timm tells us about his life and work.

The Lust and the Deamons is the first complete biography on Ingmar Bergman’s life and work. From the very first productions in the nursery to his last years of solitude on Fårö. Besides the movie director we also meet here the man of theatre who sets up his early plays with amateurs, quickly makes a name for himself and becomes Europe’s youngest theatre directors. We follow Bergman when travelling to Paris and experiencing a turbulent love affair he understands how Molière has to be represented. But we also learn about his long strive to find the right interpretation of the work of Strindberg and Ibsen.

Bergman as a writer is less well known than Bergman the film director, but he did write almost everyday of his life. This book provides for the first time a survey on his authorship, which includes thousands of pages of manuscripts, many of them still unpublished. As Mikael Timm had access to Bergman’s posthumous notes, the reader is able to follow how the ideas behind his celebrated movies came up, developed and changed. Here the reader is also told about the movies that were not shot. Bergman supported this biography by telling Timm about his life and making detailed comments on his work. The private aspects of his life are also given space through letters, notes and especially the recurrent conversations Mikael Timm had with him since the seventies.

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