Gå på vatten

Walking on Water

by Christina Wahldén

How much must a politician sacrifice of his or her private life in order to be able to work despite continuous threats? How ill must a person be in order to receive adequate psychiatric care? And how much pain can love actually survive?

Sweden’s Minister of Social Affairs has received anonymous threatening letters, but she just dismisses them. Some time later, she is taken hostage en route to a summit meeting in Helsinki. The attack takes place on one of the huge ferries to Finland, and the ship is packed with passengers – the perpetrator of the attack is a mentally ill woman who is armed. The special national police tactical unit is given the task of finding a resolution. Two of its members, Hedvig Ek and Rafael Flores Alba, also featured in Wahldén’s previous book Till salu (For Sale), 2004. Christina Wahldén is back with a new crime novel that rings in a decidedly topical problem in society of today.

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