Till salu

For Sale

by Christina Wahldén

Swedish men buy sex. Young Russian women are tricked by pimps. But the police and the local politicians hush things up. When the National Police Board send two officers to the north of Sweden to investigate prostitution, they meet with unexpectedly strong opposition. The two police officers, Hedvig and Rafael, had expected a rather cool welcome from their new colleagues, but they certainly hadn’t expected the completely open male chauvinism and the lack of interest for the problem of violence against women.

After some time, dramatic events are revealed: a young Russian women is in hospital with serious injuries, and an older local lady is found murdered. When it turns out that the two women had been in touch with each other, the investigation becomes more complex than expected. Meanwhile, Hedvig and Rafael find out that their landlord Gunnar, a bachelor farmer, sometimes receives visits from a Russian woman. But how can the police officers contact her? Will she dare to talk to them?

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