Autumn Sun

by Lars Wilderäng

It is early September. In the Stockholm archipelago, a hunt is on for what looks like an American submarine. And a diplomat at the Russian embassy is aiding political extremists on both flanks, providing them with weapons and targets. Then a bomb goes off in Estonia, calling Russia’s defence to mobilize, meanwhile the USA is gearing up to meet the threat of nuclear missiles from Iran.

Brothers Christian and Jonas Vindelby live very different lives. Eternal bachelor Christian has served within the special forces for years, both at home and abroad, and has now been assigned as bodyguard to the Swedish Foreign Minister. Meanwhile, his brother Jonas, divorced father-of-two, has begun a new job at a crisis preparedness unit within Uppsala’s county government. The new job, and new city, means that he’ll see less of his two daughters, but on the other hand it also means a greater distance from his ex-wife, Johanna Bergäng, a dedicated tank company commander.

As two of the great nations of the world increase their mobilization, they soon find themselves head-to-head in Swedish waters, in a high-stakes game of international politics, where information and disinformation are not always easy to separate. And when big moves are set in motion is there really any way to back out?

Autumn Sun is a multi-voiced pulse-raising techno thriller and the first title in a new series by Lars Wilderäng.

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