- Stjärntrilogin, del 2


- The Star Trilogy, Part 2

by Lars Wilderäng

Starfall is the action-packed continuation of Starlit, where military techno meets alien invasion.

In the new world, electronics are now just a memory. Ten years have passed since the Shutdown, people have found a way to cope with the new order. Carlsten Fortress is a place to be reckoned with, under the rule of the powerful Province Governor, Gustaf Silverbane. But there is increasing dissatisfaction with the Governor and the people demand democracy.

Just when daily life has been re-established, something is heard in the distance. The sound raises many questions but no answers. One late evening when Lena Svensson is on her way home she sees something in the woods. Something that makes the blood freeze in her veins. Suddenly, humanity faces an even greater threat. All the forces of western Sweden must gather, while Head of Research Anna Ljungberg tries to analyse an opponent they know little about.

Lars Wilderäng’s Star Trilogy is a dystopian sci-fi phenomenon that has taken Sweden by storm. In the trilogy, our world’s electronics are suddenly and without any warning malfunctioning, eventually completely knocked out, and through a multitude of voices we get to follow the ever-worsening aftermath.

In part 1, the similarities to our own here and now overwhelms the reader, and you are left with the gnawing concern for your own preparation before an eventual and unpredictable catastrophe. In part 2 and 3, the dystopian tale turn into a nightmarish vision and a genuine sci-fi feast including military techno, zombies, vampires and aliens. With skill, know-how and elegance, Wilderäng weaves it all together, and the result will haunt you for a long time.

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