- Stjärntrilogin, del 1


- The Star Trilogy, Part 1

by Lars Wilderäng

Starlit is the first part of Lars Wilderäng's sci-fi dystophy Star Trilogy, where society as we know it collapses as all electronics cease to function.

There is something strange about the increasing number of malfunctioning phones around the country. And a manufacturing defect in microchips quickly turns roads into car graveyards. Trains are affected by electrical faults, shelves in shops are empty, summer colds are becoming increasingly frequent and power blackouts become everyday events.

Commander-in-chief Gustaf Silverbane is getting his group of elite soldiers ready for duty abroad, when something goes terribly wrong and a fiery glow fills the sky. Survivalist Filip Stenvik sees his hobby, which used to be mocked, become deadly serious. In the increasing uncertainty, Police Officer Peter Ragnhell brings his unconventional methods for combatting crime to a head. And programmer Anna Ljungberg makes a discovery of something new, which threatens to change the conditions for all human life on earth.
Or is it already too late?

After yet another power blackout, everything changes forever. Electronics have no immune defence, and the humans are unprepared. The dark autumn becomes a starry winter where chaos prevails and few survive.

Lars Wilderäng's Star Trilogy is a dystopian sci-fi phenomenon that has taken Sweden by storm. In the trilogy, our world's electronics are suddenly and without any warning malfunctioning, eventually completely knocked out, and through a multitude of voices we get to follow the ever-worsening aftermath.

In part 1, the similarities to our own here and now overwhelms the reader, and you are left with the gnawing concern for your own preparation before an eventual and unpredictable catastrophe. In parts 2 and 3, the dystopian tale turns into a nightmarish vision and a genuine sci-fi feast including military techno, zombies, vampires and aliens. With skill, know-how and elegance, Wilderäng weaves it all together, and the result will haunt you for a long time.

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