Anna och Mats bor inte här längre

Anna and Mats Don’t Live Here Anymore

by Helena von Zweigbergk

In Anna and Mats’ flat, the boxes are all packed and ready to be moved to the new apartments. The divorce papers have just been signed. During a period of a couple of months, from the darkest days of mid winter to the blooming days of June, we get to follow the first unsteady steps in their new, parallel lives in Stockholm. How will they be able to start afresh without each other?

Three years have passed since the holiday week on Sicily when the crisis struck Anna and Mats’ marriage. Despite all their attempts to patch up the relationsship, they have failed. And now the divorce papers have been signed. They have each got a flat of their own, and have agreed to share custody of the children.
But a sixteen-year-long relationship with two children is not something that can easily be left behind. It takes time to get adjusted to their new and independent lives. For Anna, the money situation is tough, and for Mats it is difficult to even comprehend how it all came to pass.

The children mean the world for both Anna and Mats, but they feel lost as parents without each other. And the children both see and understand far more than their parents realise. 
During a couple of months we follow Anna and Mats’ emotional and distressing journeys towards new independent lives. Helena von Zweigbergk describes her protagonists with a realism that presses in on you, and infuses the reader with a deep understanding for Anna and Mats’ conflicting emotions.

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