Sånt man bara säger

Things you Just Say

by Helena von Zweigbergk

When Susanne is offered a golden handshake to leave her top executive job, she abandons her husband and three step-children, and takes the car to her summer cottage out in the country. From now on, life is going to be about her, and on her terms. But she doesn’t have much of a break. Her sister, Louise, asks her to look after her fifteen-year-old son Jonas for a while. They are about to be evicted from their home, and he needs a place to live while Louise tries to sort out her disorderly life.
Jonas is a pale and suspicious teenager, not anything like the dear nephew Susan used to babysit a few years earlier. Now they are strangers to each other. 
This is a tale about an involuntary meeting between an older woman and a young boy, who have both turned their backs on life. It’s a story about how life can push itself upon you and force you to find out what really matters.

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