Ur vulkanens mun

From the Mouth of the Volcano

by Helena von Zweigbergk

Anna and Mats take their two children for a week’s holiday in Sicily - not far from Mount Etna. It has been a pretty tough year so far, and the trip, which they can’t really afford, is an attempt of breaking a vicious circle. The children are expectant, and are looking forward to peering down into the crater of a real volcano.

Yet the parents seem to be poisoning each other and the children with bitterness. Mats hardly says a word, and Anna is absorbed in her fantasies about The Other Man. They are pushing each other to a limit where they are about to lose control…  The journey was meant to mark the start of a change. But can they come back together again? And do they want to?
From the Mouth of the Volcano is a charged drama of relationships, with conflicts, betrayals, dreams and love that completely take the reader’s breath away.

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