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Latest book: Bin och människor

For many years Lotte Möller worked as freelance writer and arts journalist for a variety of magazines and periodicals.

She is, however, mainly known for her books The Nature of the Garden, Thoughts on a Garden and Lemon, which has sold more than 20 000 copies and was also shortlisted for the August Prize for Best Non-fiction Book.

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Bin och människor
Lotte Möller’s book is partly about history, partly about our own time. She writes about bees throughout the months of the year, about beekeepers as well as bee-haters. She uses verbal wit in a pleasant and respectless manner. Bees in literature are also included. A.A. Milne’s Winnie-the-Pooh, perhaps the most honey-loving of them all, is there, alongside the works of less famous authors, such as Waldemar Bonsel whose book inspired “Maya the Bee”. /…/ Bees and Their Keepers is an entertaining book, easy to love and learn from.
Bin och människor
In her wonderful bee book, Lotte Möller describes how humans and bees have accompanied each other throughout history, tells us about her own bees (which she initially feared), honey frauds, hive models, bee-sex, and occurrences in today’s complex bee world. Beautiful, readable and bee supportive.
Allt om Trädgård
Bin och människor
I begin to yearn for bees of my own while reading this. There is, without doubt, something herein that will affect sentimental souls. /…/ Möller has done her research well and there is a swarm of quotes, character introductions, fact boxes and thematic strokes. She gives us funny time references where we are also made aware of the state of the world outside the hives. The book is actually a history of ideas about bees, filled to the brim with thoughts and notions about man’s best friend – on six legs.
Bin och människor
Educational and entertaining, it adds insight to how humans throughout time have co-existed with the bees and it also puts the present in relief against this history spanning several thousand years. How mankind today has placed itself at a point of refraction: the self-afflicted extinction of both humanity and bees. It sounds terrifying, but instead the book becomes solace against escalating climate angst, the inability to act, and apathy – because from history’s swarm of bee-keepers, all the myths and conceptions mankind has had about the bee-hives, how life has been protected and cared for – emerges an image of a strong counter-movement: an embryo of hope for the future of mankind and the planet, despite everything.


Wähä and Möller Shortlisted for the August Prize

We are extremely delighted to share the news that Nina Wähä and Lotte Möller have both been shortlisted for the prestigious August Prize.  Nina Wähä's Testament was presented as a nominee for Best Fiction Title with the following statement: By applying every skill of the oral st...

Magnus Liam Karlsson

"The Bees and the Humans" to Germany and the UK

We are pleased to announce that Lotte Möller's enchanting and comprehensive book on our mutual history with the tiny honey makers has been sold to Katharina Bielenberg at Maclehose Press, who acquired World English rights. In addition, we have also accepted a strong pre-empt for the German rights f...

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