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Kristina Sandberg, born 1971, is a psychologist and author. She grew up in Sundsvall in the north of Sweden and currently lives in Stockholm. She made her literary debut in 1997 and is regarded as one of the most important contemporary Swedish writers.

In 2008, Kristina Sandberg was awarded the Norrland Literature Society Prize, a prize annually given to an innovative and inspiring writer with a northern connection. The jury's statement cited the linguistic concentration that characterizes her writing: “her text burns like a welding flame”.

In 2010, Norstedts published the first instalment in Sandberg’s trilogy about housewife Maj, Giving Birth. It was followed in succession by equally acclaimed Care for One's Own in 2012, and finally Life at Any Cost in 2014 – for which she was awarded the finest national literary award: The August Prize for Best Fiction. 

The Maj Trilogy has so far sold more than 400 000 copies in Sweden.

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Liv till varje pris
“It is marvelous reading./…/I have already written that Kristina Sandberg has created, with her earlier books, a unique, marvelous housewife elegy. And it cannot be praised enough, for its amazing insights, its astuteness and its understanding. Maj’s world – a dirge that quietly fades away in the third novel. Sandberg provides a unique female perspective of a 20th century that went by with furious changes.”
Sörja för de sina
Kristina Sandberg has really managed to write a dense continuation to the story of May
Dagens Nyheter
Att föda ett barn
One of the most sensitive psychological realists in contemporary Swedish fiction /.../ The condensed nature of the text forms an immediate flow which the reader is sucked into without resistance. It is complex but not complicated, and it confirms Kristina Sandberg’s position as one of the most sensitive psychological realists in contemporary Swedish fiction.
Svenska Dagbladet


Kristina Sandberg's Maj Trilogy is Awarded the Selma Lagerlöf Prize

Kristina Sandberg's critically acclaimed trilogy about housewife Maj has been awarded this year's Selma Lagerlöf Prize for "a solid work on bourgeois life seen through the eyes of an indignant outsider". The eminent award is given annually to an author writing in the spirit of Selma Lagerlöf ...

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