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Latest book: Dubbelporträtt

Agneta Pleijel is one of Sweden's most cherished authors. Since her debut in 1970, she has been active both as a novelist, poet and playwright. Pleijel's books have been translated into a number of languages and she has been awarded several prestigious literary prizes. 

Her latest books are the bestselling and critically acclaimed A Fortune Foretold and The Scent of a Man - both based on her own life. 

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Doften av en man
I would like to give this tender memoir to myself as a 20-year-old. I would like to give it to all the young women who are serious readers, and who still allow themselves to be diminished by young men who are serious readers. Then again, on further consideration, I don't think there’s anybody I wouldn't want to give this book to.


Agneta Pleijel's "Double Portrait" is Championed by the Critics

Agneta Pleijel's Double Portrait - a literary reimagining of the meeting between the grand old lady of crime, Agatha Christie, and the renowned Austrian painter Oskar Kokoschka - has taken the top spot at Dagens Nyheter's prestigious Critics List. And this is not the only newspaper who has sung its ...

Göran Segeholm

Agneta Pleijel Shortlisted for the Nordic Council Prize

Agneta Pleijel's The Scent of a Man has been announced as one of Sweden's two nominees for The Nordic Council Prize 2018.  The jury: The Scent of a Man is a feminist development novel; a loving, multifaceted, and humorous depiction of a young woman trying to be happy as herself. ...

Göran Segeholm
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