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Latest book: Singulariteten

Balsam Karam, b. 1983, is of Kurdish ancestry and has lived in Sweden since she was a child. She is an author and librarian and made her literary debut in 2018 with the critically acclaimed Event Horizon, which attracted a lot of attention and was later shortlisted for the Katapult Prize.

The Singularity is her second novel.

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… an ethereal novel that recalls Ray Bradbury’s short story collection “The Martian Chronicles”.
Even if Karam’s place is fictive, and so full of symbols that it sometimes resembles a fairy-tale, the story about these unwanted people’s fervent survival proves more true than many other things. “Event Horizon” is a dreamlike, existential novel that does not allow the bourgeois hegemony to dictate the language for reality.
The novel asks me if I truly know what and who exist on the fringes of our society at this exact moment, and where “home” is if you don’t have the right documents. It is definitely a political story, but in the best fictive way: by making it easy to feel empathy towards history, by allowing the reader to ask the questions.
Borås Tidning
Balsam Karam’s debut ”Event Horizon” is an earth-shattering read. Through her poetic and alluringly beautiful prose she highlights sisterhood and motherhood, but also deportation, oppression, depravity, revolt, insurgency and torture. The novel has a powerful moral and political tone, indignant and rebellious.


Karam and Schunnesson Shortlisted for EU Literature Prize

Yesterday, the jury for the European Union Prize for Literature announced their 2021 shortlist and we are absolutely thrilled to reveal that Balsam Karam's The Singularity as well as Tone Schunnesson's Days and Days and Days are among the nominees.  The EUPL is awarded annually to emergin...

Extraordinary Reviews for Karam's "The Singularity"

Three years after her critically acclaimed debut Event Horizon, Balsam Karam is once again in the spotlight with new novel The Singularity and yet again, the press appears smitten. This past weekend, the novel also entered Dagens Nyheter's prestigious Critics List, taking the #5 spot.  He...

Carla Orrego Veliz

Balsam Karam's "Event Horizon" Shortlisted for the Catapult Prize

We are happy and proud to announce that Balsam Karam's stunning debut novel Event Horizon has been shortlisted for Sweden's oldest debutant prize, the Catapult Prize, together with four other contestants. The winner will be announced on the 16th of March during literary festival Littf...

Magnus Liam Karlsson

Rights Deals Following the Frankfurt Book Fair

We are pleased to announce several new rights deals in the aftermath of the Frankfurt Book Fair, such as Malin Lindroth's insightful essayThe Spinster to Atena in Finland and to Piper in Germany, but also Balsam Karam's stunning debut Event Horizon to Temas de Hoy in Spain (in collabo...

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