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Latest book: Magic Love Pixie

Sofia Stenström (born 1978) is an author, poet and translator. She made her debut in 2005 with Venus Vanish, a poetry collection. She has also translated works by Elfriede Jelinek and Hans Fallada into Swedish. Magic Love Pixie is her first novel.

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Magic Love Pixie
Stenström writes with acumen and precision, deftly swinging between magic floating and drab, realistic renderings from Nadja’s world.
Magic Love Pixie
The parts where the Demon is obliviously chatting with her from the other side of the table are utterly brilliant on both a stylistic, dramaturgic and psychological level Because it is in this virtual room that Nadja manages to overturn the power structures. And this, without even having to expose her new authority. What she does instead, is to let it develop, create new mythological structures within the structures, not least when it comes to the sex scenes, which are brilliantly depicted, with both extremely sharp wit and visually powerful scenes.
Magic Love Pixie
Poet Sofia Stenström brings out her first novel, which is a portrayal of sex and soul-searching and the mix-up between protection and oppression, pleasure and self-harm. A meaty and sensuous account of being a girl and a yearning human being, written in a prose that adds scent and texture to the words /… / The story of the vulnerable girl and the dirty old man is an age-old narrative, but Nadja comes across as something more than a cautionary tale in Sofia Stenström’s vibrant yet fierce prose /… / Sofia Stenström conveys powerful connections between grief and sex, between the love for a mother and the longing for passion, which makes “Magic Love Pixie” a brilliant read. It is continually moving, from the child’s receptiveness towards her mother’s unconditional love to the grown-up woman’s epiphany that some doors must be kept shut.
Svenska Dagbladet
Magic Love Pixie
Sofia Stenström’s novel “Magic Love Pixie” is a potent cocktail of grief, sex addiction and malevolent love /… / a sado-masochistic drama /… / the story is certainly inextricably filthy and grimy in many ways, sort of terrifying and beautiful at the same time. But more than anything it is well-written, urgent and compelling.


Sofia Stenström's "Magic Love Pixie" Shortlisted for Svenska Dagbladet's Literature Prize

It is our pleasure to reveal that Sofia Stenström's Magic Love Pixie is one of the four novels shortlisted to Svenska Dagbladet's Literature Prize. The prize is awarded annually to a promising Swedish authorship and the winner will be announced in December. Magic Love Pixie is Sofia Sten...

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